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Top Five Free Ipad App’s For Toddlers

Top Five Free Ipad App’s For Toddlers

Here in U.S, the questions I often receive from other parents is how to use technology to maximize their child’s education, how to prepare their kids for preschools. They would question me that: "What are the best free iPad apps or games for my child?" 

When my second son John had his second birthday, I search through a list of free iPad apps that I in person would recommend to everyone with a one-year old child. I feel that a curated list is a useful resource for all mom's and Dad's here in U.S and everywhere.

Laugh & Learn: Shapes & Colors

Designed for the Apptivity case, you don't need Fisher Price's accessory for your kid to enjoy this great app. The Shapes and Colors admit your toddler to tap away at the screen touching shapes and making new forms appear. This app also has an amusive keyboard to play together with the shapes and colors song.

It may not go far in actually teaching your child shapes and colors, but it is very entertaining. Kids can touch or tilt the screen to interact with the on-screen forms & colors.  Two levels of play to grow with baby:

In Level 1, tap the screen to listen to the name of the shape or color - or - long press the device to make the figures bounce around the screen.

With Level two, contact the display to become the name of the form and shade, point the system to make the forms glide all through the screen or have fun with the violin at the base of the screen.

 A child can dance along with five sang ditties and two performs songs!

Available at – 

Storybook Rhymes Volume 1

Another ipad app, Storybook Songs Quantity 1 contains One, Two, Belt My Shoes and The Itsy Bitsy Crawl. Each tale allows you to perform along, or study and perform. The experience method will have your kid hitting the display to generate to be and results, and this is another app that is lengthy on enjoyment but brief on studying.

Available for download at – 

Abby Monkey: Preschool and Kindergarten

This 'lite' edition of a compensated app has a lot to do without purchasing complete version. The app has many stages that function related to forms, acquiring, creating your practice by selecting practice trolleys and other fun actions. The free edition may be enough to persuade you to buy the compensated version, but even if you don't, there's a lot of fun with this app. This one is best for 2-year-olds, as young kids might have a tough time selecting out forms or studying what to do.

Wheels on the Bus - All in One Educational Activity Center

Not to be puzzled with the entertaining guide of the same name, this action center has 100 % free activities and games to amuse your child. This one will nicely shock you with some 100 % free actions you can do without buying anything extra. A preferred the step of my children, the shading guide, which allows her tap one and tap Enter to color an area instantly.

Available for download at – 

Chalk Pad

Every kid needs a colored fabric, and Chalk Pad is an excellent free substitute to some of the compensated applications on the App Shop.

Enabling your children to chalk, it up with several shades, you can even modify the chalk dimension or create on the blackboard using the on-screen keyboard. 

This is a fantastic option for youngsters who might not invest as much time free styling on the blackboard to make a compensated app worth it, but if your kids like to color, I'd suggest Illustrating Pad as a relatively inexpensive drawing app targeted at children with top quality.

Available for download at –


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