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Deadpool Game Review for Android

Review of the Deadpool Android game 2017

Deadpool game

Playing one of your favorite Marvel is certainly a matter of delight for most of the gamers. And no doubt this means a lot of power-packed action at the core. And when we are talking about the Marvel character being the notorious Deadpool, you got to take it with some pinch of humour - probably some real naughty talks with casual sexism.

The origins of the Deadpool character are based on the experiments for the sickness he had famously known as the ‘Weapon X Project’. These experiments provided him with some super-powers like increased physical strength, speed and the ability to heal very quickly.

Just like the original character, the gaming Deadpool character has got some exclusively unique combat abilities with his pack of arms that includes guns, katanas, and chimichangas. And yes, using this weapons and shields, you would just love taking over the bad guys for a fight.

The developers have made sure that the 3D interactive Deadpool character maintains the charm and keeps you engaged. At a point, the character even talks and argues for all the voices in his head.

The actions, attacks, and stunts might look some real fun at the initial stage. However, as you play this over the course of time, the gameplay looks to be quite repetitive with little or almost no variety in the type of attacks.

deadpool game gameplay review

You just need to perform some relentless hacking tasks, improve the combo chain and earn your
 DP points. With these new DP points, you can upgrade the existing weapons and even purchase new ones like sledgehammers, shotguns, grenades, etc. With this, you can inflict more damage upon your enemies with fewer hits.

Another interesting this, you as the main Deadpool character will be carrying a teleportation device to crawl shorter distances like a Nightcrawler. This helps you make a quick escape and even dodge attacks when necessary. The inconvenience here is that the teleportation button is same as the one on the opponent’s head to trigger a special combo. So getting a bad timing here might end up putting you behind the enemy instead of hitting him.

Deadpool Game Review and Ratings

Another inconvenience noticed is the lock-on targeting button. Sometimes it just ends up getting pointed to the spot which is actually on the side of your target and will cause to miss some bang-on one-shot-kill hits. This becomes a true annoyance in case you have to combat multiple enemies at one time.

Well, as the level progresses, you will surely be subjected to some tough tasks and challenges. Here the game gets even more intriguing and interesting to some extent. Overall, this is quite a conventional generic action game and certainly good for playing it once.

Overall creativity is good, but just in case you might be expecting too much of hidden secrecies and collectibles with the superhero in your mind, you might get a bit disappointed.

Overall Game Features

       Good graphics
       Intuitive Controls
       Multiple weapon select options
       Good costumes
       Nice sound effects

Download Link

Below is the download link for the game. Just hit the link, follow the instructions, and get started.

deadpool yo!

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