Monday, 5 June 2017

Download iFunBox App APK For Android/iPhone iOS 9/10 How To Use

Free Download ifunbox Alternative Hacked Full Version App APK For Android/iPhone iOS 9/10 | How To USE iFunBox Classic

Ifunbox is a app which helps you to get the complete management of your multimedia files which includes all your device data like images, videos, music,voice and memos and much more like that.

It works like a complete file manager for iPhones. With this app you will get rid of finding the easy to use file manager.
  1. Access complete data of your device with or without having jail break.
  2. You can copy files from your device or to your device.
  3. You can upload videos and other documents like PDF and word documents.
  4. You can easily delete or edit your data.
  5. You can easily take backup of your apps.
  6. Installing and uninstalling become easier with this application.
  7. You can also change or edit the resolution of pictures.
You can easily get a complete access to all your stored data in your device with this app. You can edit any file or change its name or move the file with a very fast working speed. You can delete and backup any data. Installing and uninstalling of applications will on the tips of your fingers. So overall this gives all possible features to manage your device data with proper care. And these are the major merits of having ifunbox App Apk in your devices.

Download Procedure

  1. Open your device and go to the web browser.
  2. Search for www.ifunbox Dot Com on
  3. Search for the ifunbox application and get the download link.
  4. Click on the download link and download the app.
  5. After download this application, install it.
  6. Open the app and enjoy How To USE ifunbox.
Make sure that the version is jai break supported or without jailbreak supported because this app is available for both type of devices. You can also download it from other websites but they can harm your devices. These websites mostly allow you to download the RAR file, so make sure that the website will not harm your system as we all know about the randsom virus attack or the Wanna Cry attack. So in order to be safe and to secure your data, you must check that there will be no harmful data on that particular site from where you are going to download the application. I recommend you to download from the official website which I mentioned above for security reasons.
You can also download this for your android devices as you can find the android device app link by the same procedure as I mentioned above. This app will the best software for your device management as it offers a huge features for your device, you can download the ios apps in your pc without having any trouble. So this is a mush download app for all devices whether android or ios, with this app you can make all your copy, paste data on the tips and with a good speedy performance. So this is all for the Ifunbox application, so download it and enjoy it.
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