Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Download Gecko Toolkit For iPhone iOS 9/10 How To USE 2017 Free

Free Download Gecko Toolkit For iPhone iOS 9/10 | How To USE install on Mac 2017

In today world of smartphones, they are all coming with exciting new features every day,
and with those exciting features, there is also some security options that are included in our smart devices which are securing your personal data with password security, or pin etc.
but with these security features there is also a big issue that is on the top trending level now.
That is, people most of the time forget there difficult passwords or someone like their kids changed it by mistaken. So on that situation, all you need is the security of your data as if you reset the device than all data will be lost and you will have to suffer with that without doing anything wrong with your device. So today we are going to talk about that kind of issues and we will show you that how can you fix your iphones and mac devices after those mishappenings. So there is one toolkit application which is known by the name Gecko toolkit which you can download in your iPhone or mac etc. and this toolkit can get back your passcode which mean you can restore your passcode without restoring your device or without wiping off the data.
Feature of gecko toolkit
  1. Restore the passcode of your device without wiping off the data.
  2. No need of iTunes software.
  3. Support most of the devices.
  4. You can also reset your device to factory settings.
  5. You can take backup of your data.
  6. Unlock your device very quickly.
These are the key feature of this tool and you can do almost everything with this tool which you need when you see no way to save your data. With this toolkit you can unlock your iPhone or mac with just few minutes and also without losing your data.
Procedure to download this toolkit
First of all, make sure that your device has support with the Gecko toolkit version and then,
  1. Just go on any of your browser and search for Gecko toolkit for iphone.
  2. Look for the “exe.” file and download it.
  3. Connect your iOS system device with your window or mac.
  4. Launch the downloaded file in your PC.
  5. Select your device from the list of devices in the software.
  6. Then press on the boot option and the process will start.
  7. Then redsnow will complete its process and after that you have to click on the launch button.
  8. Do not disconnect your internet connect during this process and wait for the toolkit to show your passcode.
  9. And then finally, your passcode will show by the toolkit and this is all for the procedure of download or using this toolkit.
So this is the complete process of how you can download this toolkit and how you can use it. So try it out if you or any of your friend facing the same problem like I discussed above.
First of all, I recommend you not to set a passcode for your smart device instead you should use the touch ID which gives a lot privacy and security as nobody can check your data without your finger print and also there you can use your passcode also with the touch ID but try to enable the Touch ID feature in your devices for the safety of your data.  
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