Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Free Download Bluff My Call App APK For Android/iPhone 2017 Full Version Crack

Bluff My Call App Full Version Crack APK File Download Free For Android/iPhone 2017 | Fake Calling | Calling Prank

What is Bluff My Call Features

Android market having many fake calling app for doing fake calls to any some one else. but today we are doing to write on best fake calling prank app for doing and make a best prank with this app bluff my call. you will do best communication with friends and other family member's. this app have a best features for all prank makers. you can change your voice gender male or female also change your number switch to another VIP number or Penta Numbers. one of the biggest feature is we will record your voice with High Quality Volume. if you want to make a good fool of your friends i will tell you best prank idea to create Awesome Prank call. check my Below Best idea for doing fake calling.

1. change your voice or Number to Police officer and Hardly and badly talk to you any best buddy.

2. you will call your friend which you need to do prank with us. make it fool talk to your friend and tell him. you'r going to died from any famous place. you can tell him if you never come in withing 10 mints i will die my self. then you wait and see your friend face when they are come on that place.

3. make your family stupid prank follow this idea >>> call to some one in your family 1st make sure you will change your name, caller id number, voice if you never change it your family guess to you withing seconds you know very well. after change all. if you call you mother. tell her i am police officer and your son is drunked and run the car to fastly. i am stop him and going him to jail. tell more some lines about himself. after all your mom is hardly request to police man which is really to you. after all your bail and come to home and tell her everything about the this prank. 

i am sure your friends and family member laugh loudly when you tell them all everything about this stupid ideas. it just for fun don't be serious anyone please.

Now you have also sharp mind you will do anything with anyone on mobile with this amazing fake calling app.

How To Use Bluff My Call App on Android/iPhone 2017

its very simple to you friends. open the app from mobile. after full open app now you can change your voice which you want any gender. after change the gender. now edit number and enter fake number calling ID. and after all select people which you want to call and do prank. if you want to record you talking you just click on record button. then start recording fake prank call on Bluff My Call App.

How To Download Install Bluff My Call 4.1.8 APK

Check your device internet connection. you would need normal speed internet. open your smartphone app market and putt the name of the app on search bar of the market after search you will see many fake caller app but you want to download BMC APP click on download after download slowly install the app on your Device. after install restart your phone and after ON the Phone. open your App menu and click on app and use it.
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