Friday, 21 April 2017

Download CATS:Crash Arena Turbo Stars Game APK 2017 Free/How To Play

Free Download CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Game App Full Version APK File | How To Play USE

About CATS Game

crash arena turbo stars is a real game. i am also play this game about 3 years ago. i have three types of original battle robots at my home. i will tell you all about the game. i have a big experience about the game. this is a high profile game playing in Grand Tournaments in U.S.A and other rich countries also many people part of this game and create our Danger Robots to fight with another same fighter on front of you robots designs like a monster and cat, dragon many more. this game real name is Battle Bots you can search on you tube and see 100+  tournaments video of this game. many people betting and earn money with that game. which car mean bot win they are win good amount of rupees. that game having million's of follower's and 50% world people like this game. but that game playing in real rich person and when old people watch video he also want to play but they have no money for buying this high amount robots. then now android and ios launched game same to same feature like battle bots game. first you see video's on youtube you see million's of views on all video on this game. now you will never want to loss money on toys you will play this game on your mobile device just download and play same to same like a real game. now time to download and play you can read my below paragraph how to download and play this game on android and ios device.

How To Download CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Game APK (BattleBots)

This game don't want any type of jailbreak and third party trick. you will easy to download from device App Store and Play Store. Open App Market and go to Popular and latest Games on categories. then you see new window and new categories of game like: action, adventure, arcade, board many more. you can just click on All GAMES. now you see main page of market click to new game we love. you check game name on list and click to open and get download. after fully download and install check below paragraph how to play and use the game.

How To Play USE CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Game On iPhone/iPad/Android Smartphones

After Download. open the menu of device and click on C.A.T.S App. Choose a Best and small Nickname must be atleast 3 character on name. after enter connecting to game and watching live video of game like a demo. and also guide you one teddy bear about the game features. you can double click on teddy-bear question three-two-one time. now game will be start. you have a car structure you want to modified and assemble it. attached launcher on your car. then play the first stage of the game with some other robots of car. when you win you get bet reward and prize. 

Now you will start to play and enjoy the game with free of cost. if you need any help regarding this game comment here. i will reply to you withing some time ASAP.

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