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Lucky Patcher APK Download No Root Latest Version | How to USE 2017


Basically lucky patcher is a app which make your backup your all content of your android phone and provide you to sharing the a day if you download any app in a play store and use it but you dont have any backup of this app detail and whatever you have done in this app it dosen't save in your phone but lucky patcher is another type of application this will help you make all the backup and you also don't need to download share it app in your phone because this app also ability to share your app and all the data which you have in your phone.


ANDROID VERSION 6.4.6/6.4.5/6.4.0/6.3.9/6.3.8/6.3.7/6.3.6/6.3.5/6.3.4/6.3.3/6.3.2/6.3.1/6.3.0/6.2.9

These all version are for you to download it mean that this is supported in all the android phone which you have. LUCKY PATCHER will supported in all android version.


This app has some most unique feature that you want in your android phone.

1. Extract APK
2. Run Application
3. Application Information
4. Share APK
5. Uninstall Application


1. Extract APK
If you have any app in a rar file so this app will help you to install in your phone  this app will extract you file in you android phone and you get converted your app in a APK version then you can install it in your mobile phone.

and you can also compress your app to share some one to same memory for your phone and others phones also.

2. Run Application
In this you can also run your application directly from this you don't need to search anywhere in your phone just click on lucky Patcher and see your application and click on it then it show option like run application then click on it after that your application will be run it doesn't take time it take very less time to open it takes only some sec to open any app.

3. Application Information
In this you can get information about all the app like when you installed and what type of access you granted in your phone for your app which you selected and you can clear you cache and also you can that how much memory it takes in your and and you can also see the space of ram that if any app takes.

4. Share APK
In this option you can send any app in your phone directly to any other device with the help of your mobile device ability like wifi direct and Bluetooth and whatever app which you have in your phone which have ability to send you data. LUCKY PATCHER will show you all the option to share you can choose any one of then.

5. Uninstall Application
In this option you can you can uninstall any application which you want to uninstall from you phone directly. LUCKY PATCHER apk file  will redirect you to setting show the option to uninstall the app show this based upon for the user who dose not find any option in the phone easily this will help you to redirect.


This is very simple to use no complicated method this is a very easy app to download and use.
first you need click on the application and then you need to go to your app which you want in your check anything details about any app or anything. then click on that then it will provide you some option like:- share apk, uninstall application, application information, run application, extract apk. you can choose whatever which you want any option would you like to choose then hit on it check it will help you show all the detail about all the app and share your app and extract your app and many feature you have in this.

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Final words

Now you are done this app how to use, how to run and download. now you can enjoy it. if you want any help any information regarding this app. then comment here.

Thanks for coming.
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