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WifiKill | NetkillUI App For iPhone iOS 9/10.1/2/3 Download Free Reviews | Installation | Loopholes

Free Download WifiKill and NetkillUI App for iPhone iOS 9/10.1/2/3 | Reviews | Installation | Benefits | Loopholes 2017

About WifiKill:

The world would probably be a better place if you can kill Wi-Fi Connections with just one touch and if you have an iPhone, this would call up for the even easier process. Nowadays, killing a Wi-Fi Connection is pretty much easier on Android Devices, but if you want to kill the Wi-Fi Connections of your friends and family with your iPhone, you need to jailbreak your iPhone first and then move towards Killing Connections. This tutorial is all about Killing Wi-Fi connections using your Jailbroken iPhone device:


Although this is just a formality, it is better to ensure, so you don’t feel short of things while implementing WifiKill using NetKillUI and thus I’m providing some of the requirements to use this NetKillUI app on your iPhone:
  • Your iPhone must be Jailbroken to perform using WifiKill app.
  • Your iPhone must have Cydia so that you can easily pick out the app from there.
  • Sometimes WifiKill creates a problem on iOS 9.3.3, so you should update your iOS to overcome such issues.

Killing Wi-Fi Connections using NetKillUI (WifiKill) APK App on iPhone:

Enough talking, let’s take you directly to the steps from where you can directly block iOS users from your Wi-Fi on your iOS 9.3.3 or more:
  • If you don’t have Cydia in your iPhone, you should install it immediately on your Jailbroken device as all the work would be done from here only. Download and Install Cydia.
  • Open “Cydia” and go to Sources. 
  • On the Right Corner, Click “Edit” and then Click on “Add”.
  • After clicking “Add” you would now be able to fill the URL, So type the link (
  • Now Click on “Add Source”.
  • Now you Search in Cydia
  • And type “NetKillUI”.
  • You would spot that on the first or second position, Install it.
  • Respring your device.
  • Open NetKillUI.
  • Scroll Down for More.
  • You would spot the IP addresses of all the connections connected to your Wi-Fi.
  • To Kill any Connection, Click on its IP Address and Kill it.
  • If you want to block all the connections at once, stop all “arpsproof” processes. 

Benefits of WifiKill:

For all the readers, who are still unable to figure out why WifiKill is benefitted would really need common sense.But still, here are some of the benefits of WifiKill:
  • The basic idea of inventing this technique was to prove whether you can manipulate the number of users on your Wi-Fi Connection from your portable device or not. Nowadays, it’s very easier to use this technique as it is becoming more and more common.
  • If you are using Wi-Fi on your device and you quickly figure out the speed is slow, so you may want to cut the number of users so as to increase bandwidth which would ultimately result in higher speed.
  • Sometimes, an Anonymous user may be connected to your Wi-Fi Connection and try to hack it out. So, the best possible way to let him down is to kill his connection so he never ever tries to implement against you.

Loopholes of using WifiKill or NetKillUI:

Every invention has their own loopholes so there might be some loopholes which may interest you at some point in time:
  • Since NetKillUI works only on Jailbroken iPhone so you need to Jailbreak it first which means it would void the warranty and you would be solely responsible if anything happens to your iPhone any day.
  • Also, it doesn’t work for iOS 9.3.3 versions or below, so your iPhone needs to be updated for some sort of mischiefs.

Reviews of NetKillUI (WifiKill) App:

Many people have used this NetKillUI app just to close the connections of their Wi-Fi Users, and they reviewed this app based on its performance. So, let’s check all the pros and cons of this technique as well:
  1. The NetKillUI app gets crashed sometime on iOS 9.3.2-9.3.3
  2. The NetKillUI doesn’t work unless your iOS gets updated to further version.
  3. Even if you have Jailbroken device, it sometimes doesn’t accept the link which you have to add to Sources in “Cydia”.
  4. For those users who don’t know if you can stop all the processes at one go, you may try “arpsproof” process.
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