Thursday, 2 February 2017

Tips/Trick Download Songs From Web in iPhone/iPad 2017 Latest Free

Tips & Tricks How To Download Songs From Web To The iPhone/iPad Latest 2017 Free

Hi Guys !!!! Today we are going to discuss about the few tips and tricks How to download songs on iPhone from internet rather than iTunes. As we all know that iOS is a closed platform which is totally different from any other handsets like android and other smartphones. Besides downloading songs from iTunes store which is paid store here are few tricks and methods explained briefly to download and play songs in an iPhone for free. Earlier there were many applications were available on the app store for downloading media content to the iPhone from different websites for free but due to the recent changes in the apple’s terms and conditions the content download from external sources is totally restricted. The already available apps to download media are also being deleted almost from all countries app store. Similar apps like Shareit have tendency to grab media or other files from external sources but it is only helpful by getting data from other smartphones, laptops, etc. People already having the apps like iDownloader which is installed previously on the iPhone before changing of the terms and conditions of apple, they are getting updates and benefits. But here the problem, for the new iPhone users and the users who doesn't have the iDownloader app previously installed, is solved. I have stated all the simple and easy steps in details, as follows:

How To Download iDownloader App Free Trick

First of the basic step is to download iDownloader app, as it is being already deleted from the app store so you have to download it into you pc, laptop, or MacBook. For downloading this app you must search on web for iDownloader app with “.ipa” extension which is a iOS file that store archived application data for iPhones.
The other basic requirement is that you must have installed the latest iTunes software in your pc.

After downloading the iDownloader file you have to copy the file to the iTunes default folder in pc where the files of iTunes are stored. Here is the link to the folder where the applications are stored.
                  Mac OS X 10.7 Lion:      ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/
                  Mac OS X 10.6:              ~/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications/
                  Windows 7:      C:\Users\Username\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications  

After copying the iDownloader file, Now open iTunes software in your pc. Connect your iPhone to the computer. Open the iPhone folder in iTunes and click on apps. Here the apps installed in iPhone and available to install to the iPhone are visible. Find iDownloader app from the list of the apps and click on install. After that sync your iPhone to the iTunes.
Finally, after the sync is complete the iDownloader app is installed to the iPhone and is ready to use.

Hope you like our article and please comment us for any other further queries or help. Thanks for reading the article.

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