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How to Create and Use Smart Magazines in Flipboard 4.0 | Reviews 2017

How to Create and Use Smart Magazines in Flipboard 4.0 Reviews | Features 2017


If you are an iPhone user and loves reading news on it, then you must have at least a single app on your iPhone with the purpose of reading news. Today, in this post I am not going to tell you about the news apps on iPhone, but rather I will tell a new feature developed in one of the topmost news reading iPhone apps.

Flipboard: One of the best News Reading Apps 

In spite of the presence of other good apps, I usually prefer Flipboard for reading news even today. The beautiful design, styles based on publications, its smoothness, and the flips make it unique. The iPhone app contains category-wise news for the reader’s easiness. The users can create their own magazines by adding their sources in the Flipboard app.

What’s new in the Update 4.0?

The latest update of Flipboard iPhone app 4.0 is the inclusion of ‘Smart Magazines’ features.

What are Smart Magazines?

With the new update, the Flipboard’s algorithms can now generate what called Smart Magazines totally based on the users’ inputs. The readers have the option to select the magazine’s topic of their choice. Then they have to choose some topic related stuff using proper hashtags. Now, it’s Flipboard’s turn. The app uses its algorithms, curators, influencers and mixes the various sources to make the magazine available to you. Now, you can flip and read the smart magazine.

Creating a Smart Magazine

After updating the app, just open the new Flipboard 4.0. Here, it will guide and show you through each step of how to create the first smart magazine. You will also find that the home screen of the iPhone app has seen some major changes in the update.

After the redesign, the new updated app’s home screen is built of cards scrolling in the horizontal direction. Now, the Cover Stories can be found on the home screen only.  No need to search anywhere. The Flipboard’s home screen can keep a maximum of 9 smart magazines.

Follow the steps described below for creating a smart magazine:
  1. Swipe left on the home screen and you will reach to the end where it asks “What’s your passion”. You have to create a new Smart Magazine here.
  2. Choose a topic from the popular list available there, or you can also write it. In case you choose to type, you will see the topic shown in the list. Just select it.
  3. Note: You will see the listings only if your chosen topic is popular, else it will not be shown.  
  4. Now you have to personalize the magazine. Select hashtags related to your topic that you want to appear in your newsfeed. 
  5. Press on option ‘Done’ after completing the above process. 
  6. Here, you are back to the home screen of the app.
Important: If you want to customize the sources for your Smart Magazine, then you can do the same at any time. Just use the Feed icon present in the bottom-right corner of the app.

Making a Custom Magazine

After the app update, creating a custom magazine is now much easier and simplified than ever before. This is the place where you have to decide the sources of your magazine.  Many options are available like Flipboard Magazines, RSS feeds, Twitter feeds, YouTube, hashtags, SoundCloud profiles, etc.

How to create a custom magazine? 

You can also create a Custom Magazine in the same way as you create smart magazines. But to make the task easier for you, steps are given below:
  1.  Just swipe right on the home screen and go to your profile. Choose Magazines and proceed with ‘Make a New Magazine’.
  2.  Provide a new name and click on ‘Add Sources’. 
  3. On next page, you have to search and find the various sources given in the list. 
  4. Click on ‘Done’ after selecting all your required sources. 
  5. Congratulations, you have added the custom magazine at the top of you profile view.  

Arranging Your Magazines

If you have more than two Smart Magazines, you can arrange them all by tapping on the three dots provided in the top-right corner when you preview a magazine. Select ‘Edit Home’ there.

Final Words

I hope you liked the above article explaining ‘How to Create and Use Smart Magazines in Flipboard 4.0’ in details.

Do share your favorite or the top Flipboard magazines in the comments section below and make us know.

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