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Beats X Wireless Headphones Now on Sale in the U.S. And UK | How To Buy 2017

Beats X Wireless Headphones Now on Sale in the U.S. And UK | How To Buy  and Use 2017

Highlight: The Beats X wireless headphones of Apple are now publicly available on the online Official Apple Store. You can buy them visiting the store.


Finally, after delay for a short span of time, the Beats X Wireless headphones are launched into the market of U.S. and U.K. The news of the sale of Beats X headphones made many of the customers in U.S. and U.K feel relaxed who were quite excited regarding the wireless gadget.
In September 2016, during an event of iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, the announcement for these wireless headphones was made. So, it took a long wait to go.

If you have turned to the internet to know the details around Beats X headphones, then you have landed at the very place. Here, through this guide, I will be explaining you each & everything say the release date, price, specs and more that you should know before buying the Apple’s new wireless Beats X headphones. Just stay tuned in and continue reading below.


The Beats X are new types of headphones developed recently by the renowned IT company Apple. The product uses Bluetooth to connect with your phone, and so it is named as wireless. The two earbuds are connected with a flexible cable as was not the case with Apple’s AirPods. This earbuds connector let you feel relax around your neck in the time when you are not using the BeatsX wireless Headphones. Also, the buds of the headphones are attached to each other magnetically. This increases the comfort level and swag for maximum.

Beats X Wireless Headphones Release Date in UK and US

The sale of the wireless headphones started in the US and UK on the date Feb 10, 2017. At present, they can be bought from the official sites of Apple separately in UK and US. So, if you are in the mood to go to buy, then don’t wait for anything as the sale is going to be live till the stocks last only. According to the market, these earbuds are expected to take a high demand among iPhone users so that stocks may end anytime.

On the very first, only white & black versions are available to buy. But grey & blue colour are also gearing up for later use.

Beats X Wireless Headphones Price in UK and US

While the price for Beats X wireless headphones is about £129.95 in the UK, the market of United States costs $149 for Beats X.

When the cost prices of Beats X are compared with prices of Apple AirPods, one can easily go with the prior one as it looks fairer with the rates.

Specifications for BEATS X

The Beats X wireless headphones have many new features that you should know if you are planning to buy it or have already bought it. The list given below contains the specifications:
  • The Apple product can play the music for 8 hrs on charge continuously, although it is still to be confirmed. 
  • When the battery is low, a quick 5-min charging known as “Fast Fuel” makes the headphones capable of playing the music for another 2 hours. 
  • There is also a Siri button as like the AirPods.   
  • Similar to the Apple’s AirPods, the Beats X also contains W1 chip embedded in it for some advanced purpose. 
Note: These headphones are not sweat-proof so that you may get an issue with that.

With Beats X, Get 3 Months of Apple Music for Free!

Wireless earbuds can also be worth buying it for you if you are fond of listening music. The new product is providing three months of Apple Music for free to its customers. The package contains a card inside it having a promo code to avail the offer. So, you can get access to one of the music popular music streaming services from the Apple.

The Best Alternative to AirPods

The headphones can be one of the decent alternatives to the AirPods by Apple if the size of the AirPods is considered. It has already received many bad reviews for being “too small”.

Compatibility: Both iOS and Android devices.

Final Words

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