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Toontastic 3D,Storytelling App For iOS Download/Reviews/Features 2017

Google Launches Toontastic 3D, Storytelling App for iOS Apple | Reviews | Specs | Features | How to Use and install 2017

Today’s children are also aware of the 3D technology used everywhere in the world now. Unlike the previous but the original application, Toontastic 3D has the latest 3D feature for making stories while listening to the little kids. The app uses a 3D view to draw and animate cartoons for the lovable ones. The original app also did the same job of storytelling, but it used to produce 2D cartoons that look much the same as paper cuttings.  Instead, the new launch uses a 3D block like structure for displaying cartoons.

DESCRIPTION - Toontastic 3D Storytelling App

When the kids start narrating stories, the characters of the game move around onscreen in the game. Either the reestablished or the personalized one, both types of characters do the same. In the meantime, the iOS app does its work of recording the narration, makes the soundtrack and creates final animation according to the story.

The app supports three types of story arcs - 

1. Three-parts Short Story 
The first kind is a short story divided into three parts named as beginning, middle and end.

2. Five-parts Classic Story
This segment is like other normal stories divided into five parts named as setup, conflict, challenge, climax, and resolution.

3. Five-parts Science Report
This part is for mainly science related stories. The research question, hypothesis, experiment, results, and conclusion are the five different sub-parts of the story.

Note: The 3-D video that finally results, in the end, can be exported or downloaded to the library of the iOS device so that you can easily share the animated video with your family and other friends. And the complete process is irrespective of the story arc chosen in the starting of the video creation.

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  • Full of Characters and Various Environments!
The storytelling app contains a wide range of characters and environments for the kids use. All the characters are inbuilt in the game such as ordinary citizens, astronauts, robots, pirates, animals, creatures, mystical and much more. Environments like the classroom, space, forest, Atlantis and other are provided in the game adding more fun to it.
  • Kids will be the face of the story running in the game
The playing kids are given the option of adding themselves to the game story as if they are playing. This is because of the feature by which they can add photos of their faces on any character of their choice. Kids are allowed to customize the characters of the game for more enjoyment.
  • You can create your characters too!
In addition to the preset characters, the Toontastic 3D iOS app also let the kids create and customize new characters of their own. 3-D drawing tools, given in the app, is used for creation and customization of a new character based on the kid’s choice.
  • No Internet Connection Required!
This is another plus point that makes the app more popular among kids. The game works well without connecting online. The only day you will need the internet is when you will want to visit the idea lab where the works of other kids are also shown.


  • Creating Tutorials 
The app is perfect for those who want to create some engaging tutorials or lessons based video. Educators use most of the times, this type of apps for their purpose.
  • Designing Personal Videos and Albums 
Toontastic is a powerful and best place to create some abstract videos, amazing adventures, any breaking news like reports, various designs of video games, photo albums for your family, and everything that you can think of.

Toontastic 3D,Storytelling App Reviews

When compared to the original Toontastic iOS app, the later released storytelling app is much better with the whole new 3-D feature. Having more attracting visual style, and an impressive collection of tools and options, the new app breezes kids towards cartoons with much more creativity than was ever before.

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