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SmileDrive-iPhone Telescope Camera Lens | Specs/Reviews/Price/2017

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SmileDrive-iPhone Telescope Camera Lens | Specifications | Reviews | Price | 2017

Many gadgets are being discovered now and then, and only some could survive at the end of the day. But, if you have a sharp mind and thinking out of the box, there is nothing which can stop you. SmileDrive, an iPhone Gadget company, did the same by bringing out the gadget of the best technology to help out the Camera lovers. They provided the all new coolest Telescope Camera Lens gadget which would let any iPhone peek out the maximum distance and click it far images. Really, this idea deserves a salute but let’s have a clear and brief look of this Telescope Camera Lens launched by SmileDrive:

What is it about?

Who would have thought your iPhone would behave like a Telescope some day? The company launched Telescope camera lens that comes with a Tripod Stand so that users can adapt it like a Telescope. This lens would let your iPhone zoom just like DSLR Camera by plugging in this Telescopic lens. So, the Camera lovers having an iPhone can click pictures and record the things which are far away.


  • SmileDrive also provides a Tripod Stand by which your iPhone act as an alternative for Telescope.
  • The Telescopic Lens exactly fits into the camera window of iPhone4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and many others.
  • Optical Zoom from your iPhone up to 8x Closer just like DSLR.
  • It comes with a Tripod Stand which would help in capturing stable images.

Who all Users can use this?

  • All the fans of Cricket or Football who watch the matches in their respective stadiums and want to have a clear look at their favorite distant players, this telescopic lens might be very useful to them.
  • People going in for Concert can use it for capturing the image for their favorite actors/singers.
  • iPhone users who are Landscape and Scenery lovers might want this Camera Lens very badly as it is perfect to click photos of such things.
  • All the users who are very much interested in Astronomy can use this for capturing, and it can also act as the alternative for Telescope.  
  • It is available for most of the iPhone models like iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S,6/6S and even more.

Telescopic Camera Lens Kit

A few days ago, I ordered the same Camera Lens, and this is all that SmartDrive provides along with Camera lens:
  • Tripod Stand
  • Back Cover that would fit into your iPhone Camera window
  • 8x Zoom Lens
  • 2 Cleaning Clothes for the camera lens.


SmartDrive Telescopic Camera Lens is not so expensive for all those who are into camera photography, and it would nearly cost around 1000-1500 Rs.(for all iPhone models) for this lens. To be frank, you can expect any hi-tech gadget under this budget, and thus it is pretty affordable.

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SmileDrive-iPhone Telescope Camera Lens How to USE


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