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Ninja Spinki Challenges Free Download iOS App Store | Reviews | How To Install Use

Ninja Spinki Challenges On App Store | Reviews | Features | Release Date | Free Download


Dong Nguyen, a game developer, made himself into headlines two years ago for introducing the utmost addictive game with Flappy Bird which became very popular at that time. But there were mixed reviews about some erratic controls and minor bugs which created a problem for many users, so the same developer has now come up introducing all new game “Ninja Spinki Challenges” which is folded into six different games in a single collection. Let us all know more about this new game “Ninja Spinki Challenges Game”.

Ninja Spinki Challenges: Description

Ninja Spinki Challenges game apk file is all about your quick reflexes, you play as a Ninja and quickly figures out that it’s not at all fun, instead turns out to be the most irritating game of your life. The game difficulty gets higher and higher as enemies keep attacking from all sides, users would certainly find themselves struggling to survive.

The game concept is pretty much similar to that of Flappy Bird. The game’s difficulty has reached to a new level, and also this is a “6 in 1” game collection which means there are 6 types of different game types inside this game. So, there are six different types of challenges to overcome which includes Bounce, Shruiken, Jumping, Rolling, Crossing, and Cannon but they are repeated in almost every difficult scenario. The main character of the game is inspired by the cast of “Swing Copters”. The game has two modes, but you will have to play the first mode to unlock into its advanced level.

Challenge Mode:

  • It has a challenge mode, where you get to play one of six mini levels within a total of 30 levels.
  • Clearing a set once would make you go forward into its next level. The moment you beat the first set of challenges would unlock the second mode, which features an endless variation of each mini game
  • You have to collect maximum stars possible for which you would require skills and perfection.


  • It is frustratingly difficult, and also it can be played by a single finger to fix the ease of users.
  • It contains six mini-games under one collection, so users don’t feel bored.
  • Ninja Spinki Challenge has the same 8-bit graphics we saw in Nguyen’s earlier games.
  • This game is available for free but contains some of the ads which won’t bother users.
  • Ninja Spinki Challenge features chiptune music which can feel addictive or irritating to the users depending on how they’re performing in the game.
  • The endless level mode can also be unlocked.
  • It is available for both iOS and Android versions to reach out maximum users.
  • Ninja Spinki Challenges also involves multiplayer component by which you may take any challenge in the Endless mode and later post your scores online.

Price and Release:

This game has been already released for both Android and iOS versions, and one can easily download Ninja Spinki Challenge from iTunes Play Store. Also, this game is absolutely free for all the users but it features some of the ads, but since they are not so intuitive, so they might not affect the users as well. It is just worth 19.1Mbs (from iTunes), so you can guess how small this game looks like.


  • Ninja Spinki Challenges is way more polished and modern as compared to their earlier games where they had some minor issues.
  • The game is extremely difficult for which you have to improve your reflexes, so it can be way annoying to the users who are impatient.
  • Unlike Flappy Birds, the aim of the users would be to collect as many stars and get the high score.
  • As it was released just a few days ago, so there are some bugs which will be resolved as soon as possible.


The game Ninja Spinki Challenges was released on the last Wednesday, so it is available for free on Play Store and on iTunes for iOS devices.  So all the users must go for it as it originates from the developers who have produced the most addictive games previously and we won’t be surprised if it gets more and more addictive for users as it has six different levels. So, even if users find it boring into a single type of level, they can switch instantly to another level. So, all the users must try the Ninja Spinki Challenges as it is free and superb game.

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