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How to Use Touch Bar with Notes App on MacBook Pro 2017

How to Use Touch Bar with Notes App on MacBook Pro 2017

Whenever it’s about impressing users, Apple never lacks behind. Apple introduced new Touch Bar and Touch ID feature for their 13” and 15” MacBook Pro to impress their users. So, firstly let’s all have a look at Touch Bar and its features:

Touch Bar:

The all new MacBook pro’s physical functional keys have been replaced with the introduction of glamorous Touch Bar that comes with a touchscreen panel, allowing apps to display buttons, tabs, and other basic controls.  So, all the primary functional keys can be seen on a touch bar rather using them on your MacBook Pro. The idea of Touch Bar is to offer something more versatile and capable than the function keys that have been around us for much longer time, and we don’t use it.

Uses of Touch Bar:

The Touch Bar is integrated into MacOS Sierra so that all the premium Apple apps like Safari, Photos, iTunes, etc. can be worked efficiently and you could perform bunch of tasks like:
  • Siri: Touch Bar includes Siri button within it so that you can access Siri with just one tap.
  • Photos: You would scroll, rotate, crop, and add filters, marking through Touch Bar.
  • Mail: It contains options like replying, flagging, trash within Touch Bar.
  • Safari: This can also be used to open Safari, navigate, saved sites and even bookmarks.
  • iTunes: Users could search iTunes and skip, play, pause the tracks and control playlists.
  • Maps: Users can search for a place using Touch Bar.
  • Contacts: Users could add, delete, modify and overwrite any contact using Touch Bar.
  • Messages: Emojis and reactions and quick edits can be used with Touch Bar.

How to use Touch Bar with Notes App on MacBook Pro:

Since, you have now Touch Bar, and you are all set to make it into your MacBook Pro, so now we must take you to the steps that might help you in the running on MacBook Pro:

Firstly, you should ensure that your MacBook Pro must be running on MacOS Sierra 10.12.1 build 16B2657 since general build lacks the support of Touch Bar. If not, there might be an option of update would come to make it compatible.

Now, there are certain things which you might want to try using your Notes app on your MacBook Pro. These could contain:

How to Start a new Note in Notes app with the Touch Bar:

  • On your MacBook Pro, open Notes App to start working with Notes.
  • Click and Select ‘new note’ icon.

How to use Attachment View in Notes app with the Touch Bar:

  • Click on Attachment View in Notes app.
  • You would see grid-style display of notes by photos, videos, documents
  • Use ‘Quick Look’ or ‘Show in Note’ using Touch Bar to show the media.

How to Customize the Control Strip on the Touch Bar:

  • Click on Apple Menu icon in the upper left corner.
  • Select System Preferences from the drop down menu.
  • Select ‘Keyboard.'
  • Under the Keyboard tab, click Customize Control Strip. 

How to Lock/Unlock notes using Touch Bar in Notes app:

  • Select the notes app window.
  • To lock all the notes, click ‘Lock’ icon.
  • Now to unlock all the notes, pick a locked note.
  • Use your finger on Touch ID to unlock it.

How to Delete Notes using Touch Bar in Notes app:

  • Click and select the node.
  • Do not click the node as it will unselect the whole node.
  • Select and tap ‘Trash’ icon on Touch Bar.

How to Customize the Touch Bar using Notes app:

  • Open the Notes app on your MacBook Pro.
  • In Menu Bar, click ‘View’ from title menu bar.
  • Select Customize Touch Bar:
  • In the customization panel, drag a tool and add it to Touch Bar.
  • For every tool, you can drag and drop into Touch Bar and vice versa.
  • Click ‘Done’ once you are done with your customization.


Since the Touch Bar is compatible with MacOS 10.12.1 build and supports this as the only version so there are approximately 23 Apple apps that can be used with this Touch Bar. Many other uses like App store, Dictionary, Music Player, Image Capture, and Reminder can be utilized with the Touch Bar. Also, since this is a new release, so it is expected that Apple would come up with few fresh updates by bringing out more app supports and decrease in bugs.


Touch Bar is now available in the retail stores for purchase with some random features that would attract the Users in one look. For using Touch Bar, you would have to buy All new MacBook Pro which starts at Rs. 1,55,900 (256 GB) with the Touch Bar and around Rs. 2,41,900 (512GB) with more storage variant containing Touch Bar.

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