Tuesday, 3 January 2017

How to Save Instagram Pictures to View Later in iPhone/2017

How to Save Instagram Pictures to View Later in Your iPhone 2017

Instagram is very famous social and lovable app.there are many people are connect to each other with a photos, stories videos etc.
Instagram is new social Technology which we spend the Free time in this app we are also protect the our account with privacy so there are in surety.
we use this app without Fearless. Instagram also used by Bollywood actor they are share latest pictures where they are live like a stylish pictures work pictures sticker etc. we also knowing about Bollywood actors lifestyle how they are live. Instagram we are chat with our friends and we have to learn lot of things with Instagram also help me in showing the life latest news any latest things in the life show the all news things of our life. 

Use this steps one by one how to save instagram posts to views later in your iphone

  1. click the instagram app on your ios phone
  2. then you can save the post whatever  you want to save.
  3. then to move you have to press on the bookmark icon locate in the post.
Now you done enjoy.

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