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Delta GBA4iOS Emulator for iOS beta 2 Released Download 2017 Free

Delta Emulator For iOS Beta 2 Free Download | Released 2017 | Reviews | Specs | How to install and Play

Delta Emulator, the new project of Testut, is a retro game console emulator. In recent past, the Delta project has undergone a complete early phase testing done before any new launch. And the successful testing resulted in a second build, the new release for the iOS users who were on its beta program previously. After the several bugs and issues that were found in the first beta version of the emulator, this new release, this time has come with all the fixes that were encountered. In fact, all the fixes and problems are solved, and the testing has been done by the suggestions and the healthy feedback that were presented by the users of this beta program.
Many of the iOS geeks probably including you might not know about Delta. So, let me tell you a little about it!

 Actually, Delta is the advanced version, or in another way, it is the next or upgraded edition of GBA4iOS emulator, the very popular among the iOS lovers but unfortunately not in continuation now. To be known, this GBA4iOS emulator is the one which ran many popular iOS games.  For instance, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance like games are possible to be played on iOS platform due to this emulator.  And now, the new in the market, Delta will add more support to this emulation and take this to another high level. It will support Super Nintendo and NS64iOS Nintendo 64 Emulator like iOS games in the new launch.

Delta GBA4iOS Emulator Beta 2 Features

  • You can import games and controller skins using “Open In…” option from other apps. 
  • You can import files like .zip etc. that contains game files.
  • Games can be renamed through the long press or using 3D Touch on the game in the library section.


  • App icon has been updated.
  • Default box art image has also been updated.
  • The controller settings for Players 2-4 input are temporarily concealed. Once the controller logic is decided, they will be displayed back.
  • The players will get Error handling and user alerts if they are failed in importing game or controller skin.

Bug fixes

  • The crashes that come on launching games on 32-bit devices are now fixed.
  • Those crashes are also fixed that bumped upon while attempting to open a previously imported failed game.
  • The bug that came across while canceling the “Rename Save State” prompt is fixed now.
  • Crashes related to the launching of “Unsupported Games” are no more. 
  • The games with capitalized file extensions are fixed that were importing as “Unsupported.”
  • Controller skin that goes into invisible has no such issues now.
  • MFi controller inputs have got fixed that were not being mapped correctly for SNES like games.
  • Also, the bug related to the “Menu” button given on MFi controllers is now fixed. The ‘Menu’ button was not working properly before.  
  • The switching game systems will not cause any issue now. Earlier, they were forcing MFi controllers to stop functioning properly.

Delta Emulator Beta 2 Reviews 2017

With the beta app, many of the users were feeling positive as they neither ran into any bugs nor they found any issue with that beta version. The impressions on the very first were quite good as it was fast and reliable as reviewed by the beta users. These all things together indicated to a building of a strong emulator at its peak.

Hope the people will also go through the new release at least once in coming days and will let the rest of the world know about the new changes, flaws, bugs (if any), or any other important development in that.

Over to You

Have you tried out the new beta two released for iOS platform?

Which retro game would you like to suggest that everyone must have on their iOS devices to be played with the Delta only?

Speak now and give your suggestions for the new Delta Emulator beta 2 iOS release to improve it so that all the tech geeks can have the best Delta app for the iOS game.

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Free Download Latest Version 2017 Delta GBA4iOS Emulator beta 2 for apple iPhone 5/6+S/7 Plus iOS 10.1/10.2/10.3/10.4

Thank you and stay tuned for more similar updates.
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