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Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ | Features | Reviews/Price 2017

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ |  Features | Reviews | Price 2017

So, we are the living in the 21st century expecting newer and newer gadgets every other day, and it's only iOS gadgets that never fail to impress their users. They come up with several different ideas and strategies that are binding their users. Recently, Nike launched it's Series 2 Smart Watch which is fulfilled with extra features amusing its users and providing them new technologies. So, let’s all have a brief look at the features of this recent arrival:


Recently, many tests were conducted just to check the quality of Apple Watch Nike+, and it was concluded that it has a lot of benefits to Runners and Athletes. The all new Apple Watch Nike Plus is very stylish and easy to use. For the stylish freaks, it has a cool sports band which you won’t spot in any other Apple watch. Here are some of the best-released features of Apple Nike Watches:
  • Apple Watch Nike+ Designs:
Nike+ watch comes under two specific faces, “Digital” and “Analogous” and the users can customize these designs according to their needs. Both the designs are cool and fascinating.
  • Quick Access to GPS:
Apple Watch Nike+ locks into GPS signals quickly as Apple claimed that no extra efforts would be required to wait for a GPS signal to kick in. Also, watches with built-in GPS don’t need an extra device to recover a GPS signal. So, the athletes don’t need to carry a heavy smartphone to use this Apple Watch Nike+ to locate GPS signals.  
  • Apple Watch Band is fascinating:
Apple Nike+ contains fluoroelastomer bands which are only available with Apple Watch Nike+. They are way more fascinating, and the weight of these bands is quite less than other versions. Also, these bands aren’t sold separately. 
  • Easy to Start:
The best part of the Apple Nike+ watch is you don’t have to put extra efforts to this watch and start it. Instead, you just have to mummer, ”Hey Siri, start a run,” and within no time,  the Nike+ Run Club app launches on your all new Apple Watch Nike+. Isn’t this an easy way to activate any gadget?


Like any other gadget, Apple Watch Nike+ also has to face criticism by some of the users for not providing all the functionalities as they promised it to be. At the end of the day, it was a bitter fight with both mixed responses. Let’s look at some of the negative aspects:
  • Not made for all Athletes:
When this watch Nike+ was designed, it addressed to all the athletes, but not all can use this as its pace calculations are not precise enough for athletes in training as some athletes run fast or some run slow, but the calculations should have been universal.    
  • Competition from other gadgets:
Whenever we talk about Nike+, we need to remember TomTom Spark 3 which is the same gadget that came before Nike+, so it’s a tough competition for Apple Watch Nike+ as the pace readings and GPS distance readings are quite accurate in TomTom Spark 3.
  • Not ‘Value for Money’ purchase:
There are many other smartwatch apps or GPS watches which seem to be same as this Apple Watch Nike+ drilled with all the same features and cost less than Nike Plus watches. So, for those who are looking for Value for Money purchase, this would not be the correct deal.

User Reviews:

Since there are mixed reviews of the users, but we still spotted many reviews from the users and accounted that. From the reviews, we concluded some of the satisfactory points:
  • GPS worked great, and music can listen even from Bluetooth headphones.
  • Nike Run Club App which contains internal GPS works well comes in this Nike+ watch.
  • You can see one piece of data at a time while running, like pace, time, distance, etc.
  • It takes some time to transfer the information.


Well, the all new Apple Watch Nike Plus is not as economical as it provides a bunch of features with a minimum scope of errors. However, its price is the same as that of Apple Watch Series 2, but it has got some extra features and Nike Goodies.
It would cost $369 (38mm) and $399(42mm) Nike+ watches.

So, did you like the Nike+ watches, although this is a bit more expensive, but if you are a fitness freak and a fan of Apple and Nike, then you must go for it? Let us know your reviews too in our comment box.
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