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8 Best and Popular Fitness apps for iPhone 2017 Latest/Upcoming

8 Best and Popular Fitness apps for iPhone 2017 (Latest) Upcoming

If you have got an iPhone, then this might be the high time to stop texting and start working out, and yes, your iPhone will help you out there. Whether it is about productivity or utility, iOS developers never leave any stone unturned to impress their users and thereby, they make a huge impact in gaining the fitness of their customers.
So, here we have selected some of the popular and best ultimate apps that may be used for fitness of iPhone users:

C25K(Couch to 5k)

Well, the name might sound interesting but let me tell you, this app is way more interesting than its name. This app is named as Couch to 5k which is specially made for joggers or marathon runners that guide them to improve their endurance. The first week is scheduled as 60 seconds of sprinting after 90 seconds of warm up and walking for 20 minutes. Its intensity increases day by day, and it also contains an audio reminder to let you know about your timings.

Favorable Users: Joggers, Marathoners, Athletes 

Cost: $2.99

Nike+ Training Club:

This Nike+ Training Club app is used for working out by athletes and runners. This app is also compatible to Apple Watch Nike+, so you don’t need an iPhone while running out. It gives total statistics of running time, speed, average speed on a television using Apple TV (using HDMI cable).  It is also available for Android OS.

Favorable Users: Runners, Celebrities, Athletes, Statistical Analysis 

Cost: Free


JEFIT app lets you training your muscles and Bodybuilding. It comes with detailed instructions of workout planner, progress tracker, and timers, instructions which would be synchronized with your JEFIT profile and will be loaded into your database. Although, its free but its paid version has some more and distinct features.

Favorable Users: Strength Training, Muscle gaining, Bodybuilding.

Cost: Free

Lose It:

This app tracks record of the calories taken by its users. The users just have to input the data set including the name brands like coffee, fruits, chicken, etc. and Lose It will calculate the calories, fiber, fat and protein values into a separate database. Also, users can input the daily exercises and hours spent, and at the end of the day, Lose It would calculate how many calories you have burnt and how more you can eat. Also, it shows graph based on the data for your added motivation.

Favorable Users: Fitness freaks, obese people, Calorie trackers, Bodybuilding

Cost: Free

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Although, it is bit expensive, but it’s totally worth it. FitnessBuilder has preloaded 200 workouts which would pick randomly for a user to generate a proper session.  For the User’s motivation, it has over 20,000 images and videos to keep you motivated. Fitness timers, tracking, calculating calories are some of the needy things. It is a very much useful app for all those people who seriously want to grow their muscles and hate the gym. This is a personal Gym for iPhone Users.

Favorable Users: Bodybuilder, Calories checkers, fitness freaks, athletes, Gamers.

Price: $9.99 

RunKeeper Pro:

This is a complete package to all the Athletes who are not just into running. It is an alternative to Nike+ training club app, which only works for runners using their iPhones. RunKeeper Pro app lets every type of Athletes like Cyclists, hikers, skiers, runners, etc. to track their route, speed, timings using GPS technology. It even uses its own server and uploads all your data to their website so you can check online. This is the shot that all the Athletes might want.

Favorable Users: Runners, Skiers, Cyclists, Marathoners, hikers, Athletes

Price: Free (Open Source) and $9.99 (Pro version) 

Yoga Studio:

Gaiam develops it As the name suggests, this app is for Yoga freaks. Yoga Studio’s libraries include 70+ classes up to 60 minutes and teach about strength, flexibility, balance, meditation, balance. It also contains 300 poses and 20 pose blocks from which users can learn by watching them. Yoga Studio can also sync class instructors to a Television using Apple TV, AirPlay or Chromecast.

Favorable Users: Fitness freaks, Yoga lovers, 

Price: $3.99  

Sleep Cycle:

If you think sleeping doesn’t come under fitness, you might be wrong. Northcube developed Sleep Cycle which would monitories your movements while you sleep. This app also wakes up users in their lightest sleep phase, when the users feel rested. Sleep Cycle also comes with 15 alarm rings and wake up window that would monitories the movements while asleep.Its premium version in iOS includes data backup, sleep aids, stress level.

Favorable Users: Fitness freaks, People infected from Insomniac

Price: Free (Open Source), $0.99 (premium version)

Final Words

Thus, we have presented the top most fitness apps available for iOS phones 2017 and other devices that could help you in bringing out the real fitness in you. So, if you are a true fitness loving person, then don’t hesitate to use these apps.

“Being Fit” should be the new resolution now.

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