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Super Mario Run iOS Game Review: Real Mario or just another running game

Super Mario Run iOS Game Review: Real Mario or just another running game?

Latest: Mario for iPhone & iPad – “Super Mario Run” is OUT NOW!

Super Mario Run is the latest game for iPhone users launched recently. Developed in 3D character style, the game has best graphics and controlling system. The game promises to deliver all the awesome experience of the late 80’s and 90’s until & unless you don’t want the exact one. iPhone users will love to play it, but the game has one major drawback…
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Super Mario Run iOS Game Launching Releasing Date

The Super Mario Run, launched on 15th of December 2016 by Nintendo Co., Ltd. only for the iOS, is the latest version of one of the most loving games played ever. It is the latest and second big mobile game by Nintendo after Pokémon Go. As known, Pokémon Go, since the first day of its launching, has created such a buzz in the market of mobile games either it is Android or iOS, that no any other games had been played for few months after its release. The same thing, Nintendo franchise is looking for Mario Super Run.

Is ‘Super Mario Run game for iOS’ available for free

Launching iOS version before Android, the company has not made the game available for free. Instead, a free trial game can be played up to starting three levels, but for further stages and levels, the users have to purchase the game from the app store.

Super Mario Run Game iOS Price

The purchasing price for the Super Mario Game has been kept as small as possible keeping the general iOS users in mind. You have to pay $9.99 in the app store to purchase the Mario game made for iPhone and iPads users. Purchasing the full game will unlock complete levels of the game i.e. you can now play levels next to the third one.

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Super Mario Run Game Details, Features | and Key Points

No. of Game Modes

There are two game modes for playing; one is the main game, and another one is for those who have experienced their hands on the mobile as experts while playing it.
  • World Tour 
  • Rally 

Super Mario Run: ‘World Tour’ Mode

The World Tour includes six basic worlds with four stages in each. Surely, this is the story mode of the game much similar to the original one. While playing this mode, you will have to go through these different stages, ohh not you; in fact, you will play Mario, and help him to reach to the end at every stage. Also, you will have to collect coins, the pink and secret black that comes in your way and avoiding obstacles will be the most interesting task.

Super Mario Run: ‘Rally’ Mode

For playing Rally mode, you will need ‘Rally Tickets.' Rally is a battle mode in which you can compete with your friends or other players.  Collecting more coins and killing more enemies will impress more toads required for the rebuilding of your kingdom in the game. ‘Build’ option will help you in customization of your kingdom.

Controlling System of Super Mario

  • Mario in the game runs automatically in the forward direction, so you don’t have to run it.
  • The users have just to control the jumping of the Mario. 
  • Mario behaves differently in different jumps, so you must understand his moves.
  • Game controlling is all about the timing; the better is your timing, the better you will score.
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  • With superb animations, Super Mario Run will make you feel like as playing the original Mario game. Beautiful and best animations in the game support all types of iPhones.
  • All the characters in the game are 3D models say, Mario, Princess Peach, Goombas, Browser and Koopa. They all have a charming look in the game.

The graphics of the game is fantastic with no any major default. But in some parts of the levels, they were not suited for the Retinas of our eyes. For instance, the leaves on the ground had not clear visibility.

Sound Quality

The online game has amazing sound effects that can make all the gamers satisfied.

Super Mario Run: Limitations

The only single limitation of this iOS game is the necessity of internet connection to play the game. Either you play for single mode, or compete with other players; you must require an active good internet connection.

Now, it’s upon you how much you like this Super Mario Run game for iOS and iPad users.
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