Friday, 16 December 2016

Google Gboard App for iOS Finally Comes to Android as an Update to Google Keyboard

Google Gboard App for iOS Finally Comes to Android as an Update to Google Keyboard

Google Gboard App For iOS : Google has recently launched androids new 7.2.1 nougat update. In this update they have added too many features for pixel and nexus devices. In this update you can send GIF images through keyboard. Google’s gboard app for ios has already this inbuilt feature but this feature was absent in android devices. But finally google gboard app for ios comes to android as an update to google keyboard.
Frist google has launche his first Gboard app for ios users. We know that googles has owned android means they have not developed gboard app for android first they have developed the gboard app for ios users. But now as they have gained popularity, they are back on android platform. They have launched the Google gboard app for android.

This google gboard app has come up with gbutton. Now what is this gbutoon does ? When you enter through keyborad or types some words through it you can click on G button to search that words on the google. They have made the things simple. Android is one of the popular OS around the world. On the internet there are many android keyboard apps but this app is going to be huge.
They have launched the Gboard app for ios six months ago, now they are backed with this new app for android.

Googles Gboard is the keyboard app which lets you send the text,emojis,GIF directly from the keyboard. Anything user search on Google, you can search with Gboard app for android. Results appear as cards with the key information front and center, such as the phone number, ratings and hours. With one tap, users can send it to their friends and keeps the conversation going, "Google had said in a statement.

How To Download Gboard App For Android

  1. On android device, you have to open google play store app. Then make sure that you have sign in the google play store using the gmail address.
  2. You need gmail address to access the google play store features.
  3. Now You can see the search option in google play store app.
  4. Now enter the Gboard keyword and hit the search button.
  5. The list of apps will shown to you in google play store. All you have to do is that check the Gboard app and click on download.
  6. When you click on download button , it will take few seconds to download the Gboard app for android and then it will automatically downloads the app. 
  7. Now click on open the app and cheers, you have done.
  8. That’s it, now you can access the features for Google gboard app for android .

How To Download Gboard App For iOS Users

  1. To download the google gboard app for ios, you need itunes app store on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.
  2. Then open the iTunes app store and search for the googles Gborad keyboard app.
  3. Then click on the gboard app for ios and download the app. After downloading, click on install the google gboard app for ios. That’s it, enjoy the google gboard app for iOS.
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So, here is the end of the article, I hope you hve read the full article to know the what are the features of this google gboard app. Share this article with your friends to know about this new keyboard app.
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