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Error Messages popping up from failed automatic iOS updates | How to fix

Error Messages popping up from failed automatic iOS updates | How to fix

iOS devices keep their users quite happy and satisfied with its functioning throughout the day. But how would you, if an iOS user(and most probably will be, the reason being your visit at this blog) feel like if your iPhone or iPad whatever you own, starts displaying popups regarding your last iOS automatic updates failure?

[internet only]Software update failed to install with error 3 Error code=3 "(null)" how to fix it

Of course, I cannot bare it for anymore and will consult with Google. So, if this is the situation you are facing, then today, you are at the very right place.

The automatic updates feature given in the iOS systems is found to be very convenient for their users. The iPhones and iPads customers need not check every time for the software updates on the phone. Rather, they can set this feature to ‘automatic update’ and relax. The iPhone/iPad will be automatically updated when any new update is available.

Why the automatic iOS updates fails?

The reasons behind the errors during your automatic iOS updates are not linked to any particular point. Instead, the problem depends on many types of interruptions; popular are listed below:

Corrupted software update download

Software permission issues

Sub-par internet connection

Low battery level

Third-party hardware or software

How can be the error messages during automatic iOS updates resolved?

In this section, I will tell you about various troubleshooting methods that you can apply for fixing the popping up of automatic iOS update error messages on your iOS device.

I know you are little fed up seeing these kinds of error popups in your mobile’s notification bar telling that your automatic update was failed, but relax, and be cool. Today, I will make sure that these popup messages for failed software updates in your iOS can never trouble you again.

Just follow the below steps to fix the automatic iOS updates error messages that popups in your iOS devices while updating your phone.
  • Go with manual install
If the automatic update has failed, you do also have the option to go with manual update. If you see the other things working fine on your phone, then just go through these steps for manual installation:

Settings → General → Software Update → Install Available Software
  • Checking internet connection
In most of the cases, this reason prevails for your iOS software update errors. Interruptions in internet connection may lead to the partial download of the updates, and the session will expire due to timeout.

Before fixing the automatic update problems, just assure that you are connected to a good wifi network and then try again.
  • Inspecting charger and port
This time, it’s the fault of your iOS device charging cable! Yes, if automatic update error occurs due to charging issue, then your iPhone/iPad charger is not working properly. Low Battery Percentage can be due to faults in port or the cable itself.
  • Disabling software that runs on the internet
Sometimes, the internet based software/applications are detected as the cause behind failed automatic updates. The reason being that while updating iOS, they cannot maintain their speed to handle the iOS software updates and thus creates barriers in updating.

For example, say a VPN that you are using on your iOS device. Then, during iOS automatic updates, this VPN might cause issues as it tries to connect to Apple’s software update server.
  • Restarting device
A lot of times, the problem of iOS automatic popups error messages is solved just by rebooting your system. After the reboot, follow:

Settings → General → Software Update → Try Software Update again
  • Rebooting wireless router
This is the case when the user has to try fixing the problem from the very starting. Showing a strong Wi-Fi signal doesn’t confirm a good internet always. Maybe your wireless router has stopped working, and you need to reboot it for fixing it.
  • Connect to iTunes
Until this time, if the same problem persists, then try iTunes. This method is far more reliable. If iTunes detects a new firmware, allow it to update, download and install the new updates on your device.
  • Apple Server is under Maintenance
It might be possible that the servers for Apple’s software updates are going through maintenance. So, just try updating your iPhone/iPad after sometimes.

Contact Apple: How to Fix Error Message Popups that comes during automatic iOS updates

If none of the above methods worked, just contact Apple for the service of your iOS devices.

Did that fix the problem?

Most of the issues should have been fixed by using the above-said methods, but unusual cases are possible. So, just let us know that how you overcome the problem of error messages popping up from failed automatic iOS updates and how you fixed it.

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