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Cydia Build (beta) for iOS 10.1.x jailbreak released | Reviews 2017

Cydia Build (beta) for iOS 10.1.x jailbreak released 2017

Well, in the world of iPhone another form of blunder has occurred as Cydia beta has been released for iOS 10.1.x and it has all the right reasons to be famous in the new iOS market. So let’s see all the things related to this:

Problems with the Cydia beta:

All the users who have jailbreak their iPhones using Yalu beta are facing problems with the Cydia beta, and they’re not able to do certain operations. This is because Cydia is crashing when it is respiring to tweak after installations.

To resolve this, Saurik has now released another version Cydia version 1.1.28 with their beta version with the non-English characters with fixing the issue.

Also, it is recommended not to use Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10.1.x, if you already used it to jailbreak your device then make it to your concern to install the latest version of Cydia with fixing of all the previous issues.

Advantages of new Cydia:

  • The new Cydia version is under 64-bit Operating System.
  • New Cydia build is at Beta 3 at the time of writing.
  • The version of APT has been bumped from 0.7.25 to 1.14 with improved compatibility with the iOS 10 jailbreak. 
  • The new Beta should apparently also make the OS (Operating System) more stable after the jailbreak although it may introduce new issues.

Disadvantages of Cydia beta build:

  • It may arise some of the new issues while installation/ jailbreak process such as OS not coming back after reloading, where the user has to reboot the system again and work the jailbreak from starting.
  • The new Cydia for iOS 10 jailbreak is still a Beta version ( for Software Testing purpose) has many errors, bugs, and issues.
  • Not all the users can use this since this is not an official version.

Who all can use this Cydia build?

There are many known bugs which are available to peruse, and since this is a BETA version so users should know this is not intended for general release and has only been released to check the running time compatibilities. As a result, only users of the iOS 10.1.x Jailbreak are recommended to install this beta version for now, and only if they are mentally prepared to troubleshoot. Since a lot of co-operation would be required between Saurik and Luca to fix these bugs, this might take many days or ages to do so.

How to install Cydia beta into your jailbreak iPhone:

  • For the users who are reading this article on their Jailbreak 10.1.x iPhone, then they may simply visit the following link (  to add the beta source to Cydia, and then more directly to the Step 3.  Alternatively, open up Cydia on your jailbreak device and then navigate to “Sources” tab.
  • On the “sources” tab, add the following source to Cydia (this is a long and indirect procedure, the alternate has been told earlier):
  • Allow Cydia to refresh to take their time, and within no time you would spot three changes. If still, you don’t see these changes, you may check it manually to check whether Cydia source is added or not. Navigate to added source and find the three packages there. 
These three packages are:
  1. Cydia Installer
  2. Debian Packager
  3. Tape Archive
  • Select and Install all these three packages, and respring your device.
  • Again open Cydia and make sure that the bottom of your homepage lists your Cydia version as 1.1.28.
  • Your Cydia version 1.1.28 (beta version) has been installed to your jailbreak iOS 10.1.x device. Enjoy! 

Cydia Build (beta) for iOS 10.1.x jailbreak Reviews

But since this is a Beta version, there has to be some bugs and error since Beta versions are used only for testing purposes so that Users can use and test the software, but you may report any issue to troubleshoot, and this might help Cydia developers as well.  This build might be improved in no time as the version should receive some compatibility fixes.

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So, are you running the 10.1.x jailbreak yet? Does this Cydia beta fixes any issue, let’s hope for the best and wish you a very Happy New Year.
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