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How To Download Apple's iOS 10.2 Update | Fix | Features/Reviews 2017

Apple's iOS 10.2 Update adds 72 new emojis, a headphone icon and a new TV app for US users | features

Hello guys welcome again to my blog. Today I have come up with the most interesting topic are going on internet.. Yes, I am talking about iOS update . This is the iOS 10.2 version which comes with lots of features. In this post I am going to tell you the ios 10.2 features. Read all the article carefully to read the latest iOS 10.2 version update.
iOS is one of the most popular  operating system in the market. Everyone have craze about the iOS devices. Do you know when they launch their products that are based on iOS OS, the peoples makes lines to buy the products. Because of their quality and popularity. But that’s not the part of our post, we will talk about what are the new features are in iOS 10.2 version.

This ios 10.2 is the second major version of iOS which are released in September  2016.In this update they have added 72 new emojis and new headphone icon. They have also fixed number of bugs in this new iOS 10.2 version update. In October ends they have released 10.1 and now in September they have released their major update of 10 is 10.2 version which has fixed no of major updates.

Whats new in iOS 10.2

  • When you update to iOS 10.2, you will get 72 new emojis.
  • They have added new high quality wallpapers in this new update.
  • IN this update they have fixed all the bugs that are in the previous version of iOS
  • According to some sources, I have heard that they have added live tv app for US users. Note that this live tv update is only for US users. Across US users cant use this feature.
  • This new update surely increase the speed of your computer.
This new update brings total new 72 emojis. Do you know some users cant stay without sending images to their friends. Now the emoji lovers definitely happy with this new version.A range of new animals faces,fox,dogs are added. They are so funny emojis, you will definitely like it.  At the end of post I will tell you how to install and update this iOS 10.2 version or you can watch videos on youtube about its features.

iOS 10.2 introduces the new headphone icon. When you update to this new version you can see that this iOS 10.2 version brings new headphone icon. If you want to see how this new headphone icon how looks like. Then simply connect your headphone jack to the iPhone/iPad and you will see that the new headphone icon.

In this new version there is update for camera also. You can preserv settings on your iPhone. Means you can make some default settings for your camera, that will never reset when you close camera. This is also one of the best feature of iOS 10.2. Because they have made the things simple. I know that how you will frustuate when you have to make same settings every time.
They have also introduced new live tv app in this version but do you know currently this app is only for  US users. I don’t know why they have made this for limited users. I hope they will also offer the live tv app for all users.

ios 10.2 beta 2 features no jailbreak

Now this is are the features of iOS 10.2 version. Now the thing is that how you can install this update. Simply follow this instructions
  1. To install this new update, you have to open settings on iPhone/iPads devices. Now click on the app in settings menu.
  2. Click on the update the button. And it will start downloading the iOS 10.2 version. Wait for sometime, it will automatically install the new update on your iPhone/iPad.
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Note –  Before installing this new software make sure that your iPhone device have full charging. Because if anything fails then you will loss the s/w that are installed on IOS device.

So, here is the end of the article, kindly share this article with your friends.
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