Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Apple launches Beta 2 of iOS 10.2.1 and MacOS Sierra 10.12.3

Apple launches Beta 2 of iOS 10.2.1 and MacOS Sierra 10.12.3

Latest: Apple has recently released the 2nd beta versions of iOS 10.2.1 and MacOS Sierra 10.12.3 for the limited users only who are involved in its beta testing programs.

What are the new features in Beta 2 versions of iOS 10.2.1 and MacOS Sierra 10.12.3?

The second beta version of iOS 10.2.1 will mainly focus on bug fixes and few minor adjustments exclusively. On the other side, similar to the iOS beta2, MacOS 10.12.3 has got all the bugs fixed without any new features added. Some of the Mac users were experiencing issues with Sierra in the past, so the company decided to persist on those issues at the very first. 
 According to the latest reports, Apple now does not have any experienced & dedicated team of MAC developers who can work on MAC operating systems. Instead, they currently own a single team of iOS experts only who are providing the people the more power on their IPads and iPhones. 

Apple follows Multiple Beta Testing Method for any new software!

Apple, the only renowned company for making iOS devices, in general, goes through some beta release process before announcing the final version of any system software among its users. This is done to avoid any typical bugs that can create problems for the customers. In fact, releasing beta versions in the selected users will let Apple know about the common working of the software and the issues associated with it.

After the release of iOS 10.2.1 beta 1 and MACOS Sierra 10.12.3 beta one among the members of Apple Developer Program, Apple has now launched updates to these versions for public beta-testing who signed up for the testing program. 

If you have signed up for the Apple Beta Software Program on its official website to become a beta tester and do the required testing, then only you will be able to install the beta versions of MACOS Sierra 10.12.3 and iOS 10.2.1 on your Mac device and iOS devices respectively. 

Are there any major changes in Second Beta Versions of iOS 10.2.1 & MacO Sierra 10.12.3?

As per now, any major changes are not provided to the second beta release. Nevertheless, the new beta release for the MacOS indicates that the apparent changes will have stability, security, and compatibility to a greater extent in MacOS 10.12.3. The release made for the iOS 10.2 was packed with features, so it is doubtful to have a major change in the new beta versions. The newly launched versions for both of the operating systems are expected to be issues solved that were present in previous iOS 10.2 and MacOS 10.12.2 editions.

Few main points of the Second Beta Version iOS 10.2.1 & MacOS Sierra 10.12.3 Updates Features Reviews

  • Presence of Auto Lock feature
  • Grab App or Command-Shift-6 shortcut allows taking screenshots of Touch Bar
  • Touch Bar emoji picker issue is fixed
  • Graphics issues is no more in MacBook Pro 
  • Fixed problems of System Integrity Protection on few of the MacBook Pro users
  • Improved experience for iCloud Desktop users
  • Alerts on Optimized Storage 
  • Improved audio quality with Bluetooth headphone
  • Searching Global Address List for a Microsoft Exchange Account in the Contacts shows greater performance in comparison to before
  • Using delegate calendars is much reliable now due to improvement in Calendar 
  • Reliability in Calendar also helps in snoozing Microsoft Exchange events 
  • Smart Card Authentication is fully supported now at the login window section
  • Automatic Reconnect feature si given when the user log out

Download iOS 10.2.1 beta 2 and MacOS 10.12.3 beta 2 

Users or the Apple customers who are participating or participated in the beta programs can easily download beta 2 version iOS 10.2.1 and beta 2 version MacOS Sierra 10.12.3 from going through the software update part on their respective Apple products/devices.

We will keep updating the article when if any new features related to iOS 10.2.1 beta 2 and MacOS Sierra 10.12.3 beta two will be launched in the market.

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